name: Katharina Hollstein

age: 19

birthday: 1st of July 1994

subjects (Lks): English, Math, Physics

typically Kat: Hello Kitty, piercings, video games, red hair

favorite topics / special interest: book reviews, music, video games

pets: two dogs

what would you bring to a deserted island? Electricity, TV and Xbox

if you ruled the world for one day, what would you do? I would demand to get all consoles and video games for free

preferred choice of career: psychologist or teacher for English and Art

favorite TV show: Superatural

favorite music genre: Metal

favorite book: „Elfen Saga“ von Bernhard Hennen





Name: Mareike Meyer

Date of Birth: 30.12.1995

Courses: English, History, Physics


Typically Mareike:

- vegan

- loves videogames, especially Zelda

- loves Relentles

- smoking

- hates everything and everyone


What would you do if you were the ruler of the world for one day?

  • Kill everyone


Knight or Wizard?

  • Knight


Jedi or Sith?

  • Jedi




Name: Melissa Morrison

Date of Birth: 25.08.1995

Courses: English, History, German


Typically Melissa:

- Max

- vegetarian

- always studying

- absent-minded

- daydreamer

- loves Supernatural

- American



Pets: 1 Dog, 3 Cats



- TV Show: Supernatural

- movie: The Great Gatsby

- band: The Bloodhound Gang, Marylin Manson, The Cure

- book: The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights

- videogame: Persona 3


What would you do with 1 Million Euros?

- Buy a lot of shoes, videogames, an Xbox360 and a PS4 and a Chevy Impala build in 1967


What's the most important thing in your life?

- My boyfriend




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